Betsy Damon: Passages: Rites and Rituals – Brooklyn Rail review

ArtSeen By Alex A. Jones What function does art serve in society? There are always multiple answers to this question, all of which can be true at once. At different moments in space and time, however, certain functions of art have perhaps been extra salient. Art always reflects the creative (which is to say, the spiritual)

Guest blog: European Day of Sustainable Communities 2021

In this guest blog, Scottish Communities Climate Action Network reports on the European Day of Sustainable Communities. On 18th September, organisations around Europe celebrated Ecolise’s Annual European Day of Sustainable Communities (EDSC). In the anticipation of COP26, Scottish organisations were eager to celebrate the vital work achieved by communities all over the country.  Ecolise is

Member Spotlight: Erika Blumenfeld

This week we recognize the work of artist Erika Blumenfeld. “In April of 2011, after seven months without rainfall, the Rock House Fire ignited in Marfa and raged across the beautiful landscape of far West Texas, devastating the region’s environment. I was living in Marfa at that time and, in those weeks while the wildfire reigned,

Conscient Podcast: e89 excerpts from ben okri’s ‘artists must confront the climate crisis’

episode 89 features quotes from Artists must confront the climate crisis – we must write as if these are the last days by Nigerian novelist and poet Ben Okri from the November 12, 2021 edition of The Guardian newspaper. Okri writes about existential creativity and call for a new philosophy for these times, with an excerpt from episode 87 kendra

Guest blog: COP 26 – overwhelming, alienating, inspiring and moving

In this guest blog, Anna  Hodgart of the Tayside Climate Beacon, part of Climate Beacons for COP26,  our Scotland-wide collaborative project connecting arts and sustainability, describes her experiences at what was for many of us in Scotland the biggest event of 2021: COP 26.  With big thanks to the determined perseverance of Lewis Coenen-Rowe at

Green Tease Reflections: Climate/Class/Culture

14th October 2021: This Green Tease event provided an opportunity to explore the intersection of climate, class and culture, thinking about how climate change is exacerbating existing inequalities, the need for climate policies to be socially just, and the importance of cultural organisations addressing their own barriers to participation in order to effectively help address

Opportunity: Greening Arts Practice CPD Manager

Freelance contract (part time), initially to March 2023 with potential for extension. This work is being offered as a single package based on 1.5 days per week We wish to appoint an experienced arts professional with demonstrable experience to co-ordinate, facilitate and help develop our Greening Arts Practice (GAP) programme and other professional development initiatives. This is

Conscient Podcast: e88 robin mathews – on radical listening & political poetry

My #conscientpodcast conversation with my father-in-law, the poet and educator Robin Mathews, which combines a 2021 recording about radical listening with a 2004 recording about political poetry and the role of the artist in society, including Robin reading 3 of his poems: at the Café Lenin, The Lady From Iraq and Unmarked Graves. This is a special edition of the conscient

Ceramic Seascapes: Interview with Harriet Hellman for TL Magazine

Interview by Blaire Dessent TL Magazine, Landscape’ Autumn–Winter 2021 TLmag: While your work deals with ecological concerns of the planet, there is a  particular connection with the sea and coastline. Where does your interest in this come from? Harriet Hellman: I have always been drawn to the sea and coast, finding it a rich source of inspiration. My connection to the

Wild Authors: Peter Brennan

By Mary Woodbury Today we talk with Dr. Peter Brennan, whose first novel, Iceapelago, was inspired by his keen interest in climate change. He chaired the Climate Change Research Group at the Institute for European and International Affairs for almost a decade. He was an advisor to the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) Committee on Climate Change and

Conscient Podcast: e87 kendra fanconi – on the artist brigade, ben okri, eco-restoration, eco-grief & reauthoring the world

My 2nd #conscientpodcast conversation with theatre artist and art + climate activist Kendra Fanconi in Robert’s Creek, BC about the ‘Artist Brigade’, Ben Okri, eco-restoration, eco-grief & reauthoring the world, with excerpts from e43 haley, e30 maggs & é37 lebeau. Robert’s Creek is on the ancient and unceded territory of the shishalh Nation. The shishalh people call Robert’s Creek xwesam.

Amy Talluto: Moments of Light in the Forest

By Etty Yaniv  Amy Talluto’s paintings and collages depict landscapes, ranging from representational wood-scapes to more abstracted forms reassembling a hybrid of landscape and still life. Darren Jones wrote in Artforum that Amy Talluto’s series of oil paintings from 2017 produce “symphonic arrangements of green, ranging from deepest phthalo to honeyed laurel. Dashes of pink,

Conscient Podcast: e86 arts policy, equity and activism class at centennial college

My #conscientpodcast conversation with Robin Sokoloski, Janis Monture and their students as part of a class in Art Policy, Equity and Activism at Centennial College in Toronto exploring the role of the arts in activism, including quotes from e40 frasz, e82 washable paint, e05 carruthers, e73 judith marcuse – finding the energy to keep moving and e85 tracey friesen – narratives of resilience for a

The Truths that Entangle Us: Interview with Tosca Hidalgo y Terán

Interview with Tosca Hidalgo y Terán by Olivia Ann Carye Hallstein Tosca Hidalgo y Terán is an internationally exhibited and recognized creator of interactive environments and objects that provide shared experiences surrounding topics of entanglement and interconnectedness. Using her unique perspective on the world and the magic that lives within it, she has employed engineering and technologies

Conscient Podcast: e85 tracey friesen – narratives of resilience for a post carbon world

My #conscientpodcast conversation with media producer and cultural impact leader Tracey Friesen of Vancouver about increasing the power of media to affect social change, her book and organization Story Money Impact, and the good work of Good Pitch. Including quotes from e26 klein and e54 garrett. I first met Tracey on September 21, 2021 at a Processing the

Horses, Dancers, and Environmental Stewardship

By JoAnna Mendl Shaw THE EQUUS PROJECTS FILMING OF IMPRINTED, APRIL-OCTOBER 2021 October 2021. It is a bright, sunny, crisp October morning and the cast and production crew for our documentary film, Imprinted – three dancers, two equestrians, our sound technician, our second camera person, and our filmmaker Stefan Morel – are on a forest walk. As we

Conscient Podcast: e84 viviane gosselin + mauro vescera of the museum of vancouver

My conversation with Viviane Gosselin, Director of Collections & Exhibitions, Curator of Contemporary Culture and Mauro Vescera, Chief Executive Officer of the Museum of Vancouver (MOV) about greening their operations and addressing the climate emergency and issues of climate justice through exhibitions.   I worked with Mauro in 2006 on the Art in Ecology – A Think Tank on Arts

Member Spotlight: Linda Gass

This week we recognize the work of artist Linda Gass. San Francisco Bay Area multimedia artist Linda Gass creates stitched paintings and works in glass to question the relationship between humans and their environment. Informed and inspired by her extensive research on the impact of changing waterways, sea-level rise, fire and drought in California and the

Conscient Podcast: e83 the greatest mass movement in history

e83 is my narration of a November 13th, 2021, tweet by British writer and climate activist George Monbiot about ‘raising the scale of civil disobedience until we have built the greatest mass movement in history’. I agree and thank George.  This episode lasts 59 seconds. I want to share a November 13th, 2021, tweet by British writer and climate activist George

In the Beginning There Was Only Water

By Joan Sullivan While some of us taught ourselves to bake sourdough bread or to mend socks during the pandemic, the American painter and arts writer Susan Hoffman Fishman plunged herself into her studio and emerged, a year later, with a revised creation story. The result: a magnificent, nearly 50-foot (15 meters) opus entitled In The Beginning There