Youth Homelessness Charity launches first Green Action Plan ahead of World Environment Day 2021

Scottish Youth Homelessness Charity, Rock Trust, publishes their first Green Action Plan 2021-22 to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and improving the health, wellbeing and prospects for young people affected by homelessness. Rock Trust’s first Green Action Plan outlines the steps the charity is currently taking to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as highlighting the many

e36 fanconi

Ben Twist at Creative Carbon Scotland talks about the transformation from a culture of consumerism to a culture of stewardship and we are the culture makers so isn’t that our job right now to make a new culture and it will take all of us as artists together to do that? …  It’s not enough to do carbon

Artichoke Dance Company: Just Gowanus

PERFORMANCE DATES: SATURDAY, JULY 10TH – 2:00-4:00PM SUNDAY, JULY 11TH – 2:00-4:00PM SATURDAY, JULY 17TH – 2:00-4:00PM SUNDAY, JULY 18TH – 2:00-4:00PM ALL PERFORMANCES BEGIN AT THE SALT LOT IN GOWANUS (2 SECOND AVENUE). BUY TICKETS HERE. Artichoke Dance Company presents Just Gowanus: An Interactive Performance Tour that intersects performance and environmental education to bring

Visualizing Climate Change: An Open Call for Photography

Through ‘Visualizing Climate Change: An Open Call for Photography’, TED Countdown is partnering with Climate Visuals to build a new robust, accessible collection of evidence-based photos that document the reality of climate change around the world. We’re seeking submissions that communicate positive climate solutions in five key areas: TED Countdown Themes Photography brief in summary: The visual

Results from Green Arts Initiative Mini Survey

The slides at the link below present the anonymised results from the Green Arts Initiative mini survey from early 2021. GAI mini survey results 2021 A full survey will be circulated to members in late 2021. This will include an opportunity to tell us how you got on with your planned action (as reported in

Tree Talk: Artists Speak for Trees

Thursday, June 24, 2021 United States: 3pm PT, 4pm MT, 5pm CT, 6pm ET Australia: 8am AEST Melinda Hurst Frye, Tony Bellaver, Narelle Carter-Quinlan, Pamela Pauline For our June Tree Talk, four outstanding ecoartspace artists will share their ideas and photo-based works about trees and forests. Melinda Hurst Frye will speak on themes of ecology and place in her

Blossoming 2021: A LONG TIME COMING

The Vagrancy announces BLOSSOMING: a new play reading series; a virtual edition. About this event A LONG TIME COMING by Weston Gaylord; directed by Hannah Wolf.  Featuring *Sharon Lawrence, *Rob Nagle, Bree Wernicke, *Jennifer Chang, *David Toshiro Crane, *Cathy Diane Tomlin, Randolph Thompson, and Schuyler Girion. Post-Show Talkback with Brittney S. Wheeler at 7:30PM PST

Woven and Waxed Water Stories

By Susan Hoffman Fishman Hawai’i-based fiber artist Mary Babcock uses discarded fishing nets and lines as well as household wax paper to create tapestries and installations about sea level rise, “our proclivity towards destruction or entanglement,” and our perceptions of and relationship to water. The process of self-laminating wax paper for installations and of cleaning, sorting, and

Opportunity: Art installation at Edinburgh Climate Festival

Submit proposals for an art installation that amplifies the environmental ethics of the Edinburgh Climate Festival. Context We intend to host the Edinburgh Climate Festival on Saturday 14th August 2021 at Leith Links, Edinburgh (please note the date might be subject to change due to current circumstances). We will include a visual art display that will highlight

Artists chronicle climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic

Working in various media, they’re capturing the full glory of rapidly changing places. by Kristen Pope May 12, 2021 for Yale Climate Connections Rising 20,310 feet above sea level, Alaska’s Denali is the tallest mountain in North America, and when it is fully visible – a relative rarity since it frequently is enshrouded in cloud – the mass

Artists and Energy Transitions: Addendum

This post is part of an ongoing series of occasional musings about the larger context in which we currently find ourselves: an energy transition, of which there have been several throughout human history. I have chosen Barry Lord’s important book, Art & Energy: How Culture Changes as our guide, because it sheds much-needed light on the reciprocal relationship

Particulate Rugs of Madelaine Corbin

TATTER issue 2 : Earth Blue Plant Soil Dust Hope Particulate Rugs of Madelaine Corbin “Blue. Plant. Soil. Dust. Hope,” conceptual artist Madelaine Corbin answers, when asked about undercurrents that unify her different bodies of work. An aggregate of pigment, particles, living matter and aspiration permeate the work, asking us to question the boundaries which define

Three Questions for Rulan Tangen, Part III

By Biborka Beres DANCE AND SCIENCE This is the third part of a three-part interview with Rulan Tangen, founder of Dancing Earth. You can read Part I and II here and here. Many dancers and choreographers emphasize that dance does what science cannot do when it comes to the climate crisis: it fosters a deeply intimate, emotional connection to

Conscient Podcast: é34 ramade

Je pense à des artistes-compositeurs qui écrivent des pièces à partir de relevés de températures qui sont convertis en notes de musique.C’est comme ça aussi que peut se transmettre la question du réchauffement climatique, à partir d’une pièce jouée traduisant musicalement un climat stable qui se transforme et vient incarner en musique un dérèglement climatique.

Mineral House Media: Interview with Dawn Roe

My work explores lens-based practice as a mode of representation allowing for poetic and critical  engagement with culturally charged sites of significance, as well as those presumed to be neutral.  The resulting imagery is at once metaphoric and banal, emphasizing the arbitrary relevance of the  distinct forms pictured. Combining a documentary approach with direct intervention,

Luciana Abait: Underwater in downtown LA

Environmentally Inspiring Painterly Photographs and Mixed Media Written by Genie Davis for art and cake Luciana Abait recently focuses on photography and video creating her painterly images, but using these mediums is relatively new for her. In fact, her first photo-based work began in the 2000s after incorporating elements of mixed media into her painted works. Since her initial

Three Questions for Rulan Tangen, Part II

By Biborka Beres CLIMATE VISION This is the second part of a three-part interview with Rulan Tangen, founder of Dancing Earth. You can read Part I here. Do you have a climate vision? Is there an overall message you would like to convey with your dances? I started with a creative, intercultural vision. Now I listen for

Between the Suns | Rachel Miller interview

Between the Suns | Rachel Miller interview  Contributed by Abigail Doan In her latest site-specific, window installation at FENTSTER exhibition space in Toronto, artist, design researcher, and educator, Rachel Miller continues her investigation into timely themes related to environmental fragility, complex pattern as metaphor, and material resilience.  Miller’s sculptural projects and performance-based works have consistently explored the

Conscient Podcast: e33 toscano

It’s artists who not only can craft a good story, but also we can tell the story that’s the hardest to tell and that is the story about the impacts of climate solutions. So it’s really not too hard to talk about the impacts of climate change, and I see people when they speak. They

Three Questions for Rulan Tangen, Part I

By Biborka Beres RITUAL Rulan Tangen is the founding artistic director of Dancing Earth, a company that creates contemporary dance and related arts through Indigenous and intra-cultural relationships centered in ecological and cultural diversity. Dancing Earth collaborates with artists, farmers, cultural advisors, and activists. They create eco-dance productions under the guidance of Elders who suggest appropriate