Opportunity: Creative Carbon Scotland seeks embedded artist

Creative Carbon Scotland is recruiting a creative practitioner for an Embedded Artist role. The role will focus on exploring the intersection of climate justice, culture and society, in the context of the development of a Climate Emergency and Sustainability Plan for Creative Scotland (the public body that supports the arts, screen and creative industries across

Loren Eiferman: Drawing in Wood

By Etty Yaniv Loren Eiferman sees her work as the “ultimate recycling.” She collects sticks and branches that have fallen to the ground and typically forms her sculptures by joining together hundreds of small pieces of wood into a cohesive whole through a unique technique she has developed for over 25 years. What brought you to

The Art of Transforming Polluted Water into Clean Water, Energy, and Sound

By Susan Hoffman Fishman Mexican visual artist Gilberto Esparza works with technology, including electronics, robotics, and biotechnology, to develop innovative solutions to the detrimental impact that humans have had on the natural world, particularly on water. His overall goal is to rethink and redo the current relationship between human society and the environment by establishing collaborations between

The Mending Ground at Eden Grove: An interview with Connie Michele Morey

Please tell us about yourself, where did you grow up, what is your background? From an early age, I roamed the woods of the Frontenac County of Ontario, Canada on what was once a vast territory of the Anishinaabe peoples. Our family lived rurally off the land, building, gardening, canning, hunting, fishing, tapping trees and

Surveying The Landscape – Research on New Play Development in Canada

Compiled by Louise Casemore and commissioned by Alberta Playwrights’ Network, “Surveying The Landscape” is a practical research study surrounding the experience of playwrights and status of new play development in Canada, gathering insights from artists and decision makers about the processes and pathways to creating theatre. After an unexpected pandemic interruption, countless conversations and hours

Opportunity: New fund launched to support COP Conversations

Museums, libraries and historic environment organisations can apply for up to £1,000. The #COP26Conversations Fund has been designed to help cultural and heritage organisations begin to raise their profile as spaces for communities to engage with the climate challenge and explore positive actions. The fund encourages fun and creative participation, a chance to connect with the energy

Opportunity: Culture Collective lead artist

Toonspeak are recruiting for a freelance lead artist within a national project – ‘Culture Collective’. Toonspeak seeks a creative visionary with a passion for community arts projects and the experience to deliver a large-scale project. Applications close: Monday 19 July at 5.00pm. Should you have any access requirements or need any reasonable adjustments to be made

Conscient Podcast: e43 haley

Climate change is actually a cultural issue, not a scientific issue. Science has been extremely good at identifying the symptoms and looking at the way in which it has manifest itself, but it hasn’t really addressed any of the issues in terms of the causes. It has tried to use what you might call techno

The 2nd Copernican Revolution

By Joan Sullivan Way back in 2014, when I first started writing for Artists & Climate Change, I wrote a one-paragraph post with a link to Rap News’ The Second Heliocentric Revolution, a brilliant fast-paced spoof about the energy transition, produced by Australia’s provocative and irreverent “98.9% genuine satire” The Juice Media. I’m sharing this video again in the

Conscient Podcast: e42 rosen

The idea of enough is very interesting to me. The idea that the planet doesn’t have enough for us on our current trajectory is at the heart of that. The question of whether the planet has enough for everyone on the planet, if we change the way we do things is an interesting way. Can we sustain

Facing Down Climate Grief

By Jennifer Atkinson The age of climate crisis is upon us, and grief and anxiety are on the rise. This pilot episode of my podcast Facing It introduces the emotional burden of climate change, and why despair leaves so many people unable to respond to this existential threat. Overcoming that paralysis is the first step

Conscient Podcast: e41 rae

The thing about a preparedness mindset is that you are thinking into the future and so if one of those scenarios happens, you’ve already mentally prepared in some sort of way for it, so you’re not dealing with the shock. That’s a place as an artist that I feel has a lot of potential for

The Only Animal – Greenhouse Applications Open

September 23 & 24, 2021 | UBC Botanical Gardens Greenhouse is a 2-day paid intensive for a cohort of 100 local artists across disciplines who bring together a diversity of climate experiences. Held outside in small groups at UBC Botanical Gardens, Greenhouse is a place to tend to the growth of ideas and understanding: What is

ecoartspace: Fiber Dialogues

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 United States: 3pm PT, 4pm MT, 5pm CT, 6pm ET Australia: 8am AEST, Friday Where: ZOOM REGISTER In this second roundtable discussion we will explore the many ways artists are engaged with fiber and textiles to address climate. There are currently over fifty members who have identified textiles as one of their mediums. We

Conscient Podcast: e40 frasz

There is a lot of awareness and interest in making change and yet change still isn’t really happening, at least not at the pace or scale that we need. It feels to me increasingly like there’s not a lack of awareness, nor a lack of concern, or even a lack of willingness, but actually a

I AM WATER Billboard Exhibition – locations

I AM WATER billboard exhibition JULY 2021 Google Map LOCATIONS – East Williamsburg and Bushwick in Brooklyn/ Queens Note: red and purple pins are billboards 1. Across from Forrest Point restaurant at the corner of Forrest Street and Flushing Avenue in Bushwick is Joan Perlman (Top) andHelen Glazer (Bottom). L TRAIN (Morgan Ave) 2. At the corner of Flushing Avenue and

Dancing with Horses in America: A Country Divided

By JoAnna Mendl Shaw I am a choreographer. Long before the COVID pandemic shut down the dance world and nudged dancers to make dances for living rooms and outdoor spaces, I was making site-specific performance works for urban and rural landscapes. Once committed to working beyond traditional theatrical spaces, I found that choreographing for a

There’s Something About the Environment

Submitted by ecoartspace member Chris Costan Mission Statement from the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation: Our vision is to create and sustain thriving parks and public spaces for New Yorkers. Our mission is to plan resilient and sustainable parks, public spaces, and recreational amenities, build a park system for present and future generations, and care for parks and

Conscient Podcast: e39 engle

The role of artists and culture is fundamental and so necessary, and we need so much more of it and not only on the side. The role of arts and culture in societal and civilizational change right now needs to be much more integral into, yes, artworks and imagination – helping us to culturally co-produce

Job: Project manager, SOIL

Project manager post to support the NLA John Muir Fellowship SOIL project | August 2021 to August Applications are now open for this post | August 2021 to August 2022 | Fee £14,040 Duties include: support for the development of our organisation, coordinating effective communication channels and employing up to date technical skills. Applicants will be: enthusiastic