Celebrating Native American Heritage Month: Five Artists You Should Know

By GiGi Buddie Welcome to another installment in my Indigenous Voices series, and happy Native American Heritage Month!  In 1990, President George H. W. Bush declared the month of November as Native American Heritage Month, and since then it has been a month of celebration and remembrance for Indigenous peoples in the United States. To

Opera production & the circular economy: interview with Thierry Leonardi (Lyon Opera)

By tanjabeer This interview is the first of a series of interviews that I am conducting with eco-theatre professionals over the next couple of months. Thierry Leonardi has been working for culture for the last 25 years. He has been the Lyon Opera Ballet General Manager from 1995 to 2015 and the sustainability officer of the

Q30: Issue Takeover: Lamentation

WEAD, Women Eco Artists Dialog, is a nonprofit focusing on women’s unique perspectives and contributions in the eco and social justice art fields. Our global constituency numbers 400+/- activist feminist art workers (inclusive reading of “art, feminism, woman, gender”). WEAD’s issue takeover — Q30: “LAMENTATION” unearths GRIEF found in members’ art and words. Facing oppressive

The Ocean Inside

By Susan Hoffman Fishman Dutch-Canadian printmaker Eveline Kolijn grew up in the Caribbean where she developed an enduring interest in natural history and the environment, as well as a love of the ocean. Having spent a great deal of her childhood scuba diving in the coral reefs, she originally thought of becoming a marine biologist before her

Ben’s Strategy Blog: How, and why, are we applying cultural practices to Clyde Rebuilt? 

In our collaborative work on Clyde Rebuilt, Creative Carbon Scotland (CCS) is supporting development of inter-connected projects that will help Glasgow City Region adapt to the impacts of climate change. Our partners on the Clyde Rebuilt project are Sniffer, a resilience-focused charity that runs the Adaptation Scotland programme for the Scottish Government; Paul Watkiss Associates, an economics consultancy specialising in climate adaptation; EIT (European Innovation & Technology) Climate-KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community), the EU’s climate

An Interview with Editor Dr. Katharine K. Wilkinson

By Amy Brady What a month it’s been. Among all the political changes are the environmental ones. America’s Northwest (and Canada’s Southwest) continue to be engulfed in some of the largest wildfires in that area in recorded history. They are so large that their haze made it to New York City last week, making the

Opportunity: Artist outreach – Christmas exhibition

Looking for eco-conscious artists for our Christmas exhibition launching 5th December! Painted Turtle Galleries is a brand new, eco-conscious online art gallery that will launch on 5th December 2020. Our mission is to harness the influential power of art as a tool for creating positive change, whilst encouraging more sustainable practices through the recycling and repurposing

Creative Carbon Scotland supports new data-driven project

A new project exploring the motivations and needs of the creative community in addressing the climate emergency was one of nine projects awarded funding recently.  Creative Carbon Scotland’s Carbon Management Planning Officer Caro Overy is receiving the funding through Creative Informatics and Creative Edinburgh’s Connected Innovator programme for her project, Climate Friendly Culture. The Connected Innovator programme allows emerging leaders in the

Popular Movies and Climate Change

By Tulsi Pate These days I find myself taking frequent nature walks where I breathe a little slower and think a little deeper. In a way, I romanticize these walks, imagining which angle will best capture the sunset or which filter will come closest to showing how green the trees truly are. This habit of

Ecological design futures: Ecoscenography in the age of climate change

By tanjabeer In 2014, I published an article in the Blue Pages entitled, “Green Is the New Black”[1], highlighting the opportunities that sustainability can bring to the performing arts. I wrote about the possibilities of ecological design that were already emerging, including bicycle-powered shows, edible stages and body suits that captured kinetic energy. At the time, sustainability and

Cultural Adaptations conference goes digital!

We are excited to announce that the Cultural Adaptations conference, taking place 2-5 March 2021 will be delivered completely online, widening the opportunities for participation from around the world. Due to the ongoing uncertainty and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on individuals, organisations and nations, we are adapting our plans to reflect these circumstances. We

Wild Authors: Pitchaya Sudbanthad

By Mary Woodbury For this post, we are fortunate to travel to Bangkok, Thailand, to explore Pitchaya Sudbanthad’s Bangkok Wakes to Rain, published by Riverhead Books (US, 2020) and Sceptre (UK, 2019). In 2019, Bangkok Wakes to Rain was selected as a notable book of the year by The New York Times and The Washington Post as well as a finalist for the Center for Fiction’s First

A Meditation on Place to Cure “Nature Deficit Disorder”

State of Nature: Picturing Indiana BiodiversityOlivia Ann Carye Hallstein It’s quite a treat to see an art exhibition (online), which encourages an immersive experience at the interstice of the sciences and the arts. State of Nature, on view at The Grunwald Gallery at Indiana University in Bloomington through November 18, 2020, presents artworks juxtaposed with artifacts

Jason Davis Merges Climate Stories with Original Compositions

By Peterson Toscano Joining us in the Art House is musician and composer Jason Davis. Jason curates ClimateStoriesProject.org. The site hosts videos from people all over the world. They reveal the impacts of climate change in their lives, and how they are responding. Jason takes some of these stories and composes music to accompany them. You

ecoartspace: member exhibitions

The Day After Tomorrow: Art in Response to Turmoil and Hope is a group exhibition including Constance Mallinson. Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Utah. Through December 19, 2020. Online 360 Matterport viewing and audio tour.  State of Nature: Picturing Indiana Biodiversity is a group exhibition including Susannah Sayler and Edward Morris. Ezkenazi School of Architecture and Design, Indiana

Water Worlds

By Susan Hoffman Fishman Catherine Nelson is an Australian photographer who creates complex, imaginary natural worlds using digital technology and animation. After earning her Art Education degree in painting at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, she worked for a number of years as a visual effects artist in the film and television industry until

An Interview with Alexandra Chang

By Amy Brady Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve loved the fall. The wool sweaters, the turning leaves, the pumpkins – autumn is about as cozy as it gets. I hope that wherever this post reaches you, you’re enjoying something like coziness and comfort. Of course, the world beyond my warm and cozy

Australia’s First NAIDOC Minecraft Education Challenge

This NAIDOC week (8 – 15 November 2020) over 1000 students across 25 schools have participated in Australia’s first NAIDOC Minecraft Education Challenge to explore the question: “How might we build sustainable schools, cities, towns or communities in 2030 using Indigenous science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM)?” Anchored in this year’s National NAIDOC theme ‘Always Was.

Book Review: Earth Emotions

Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World by Glenn A. Albrecht Albrecht, who is an Australian professor, environmental philosopher and farmer, diagnosing the condition of despair afflicting people around the world. He coined the now widely recognized term solastalgia —a homesickness for the place you love as it is desolated before your eyes. The

Guest blog: Film production in the time of COVID

In this guest blog, filmmaker Janine Finlay tells us about adapting her production process in the face of a pandemic while working as an embedded artist with the Decoupling Advisory Group established by Zero Waste Scotland. Storytelling is ultimately heroes and villains, rises and falls. During the pandemic we’ve had all of these things – but,