We Become the Place: Making Climate Change Digestible

By Rose McAdoo How does a New York City pastry chef get involved in addressing the climate changes affecting our planet’s most remote locations? Albeit necessary, the “doom and gloom” messaging of climate change can feel overwhelming, leaving us confused about how to interact with our home. I am a fierce believer in using the

David Haley ‘Going beyond Earthly’

Editor’s introduction: The Barn, Banchory, has always had an environmental dimension, including allotments, a wild garden, biofuel boilers and shares the site with Buchanan’s, a slow food bistro. But as the largest rural multi-arts centre in Scotland, The Barn has used the challenges of Covid and the impact on the performing arts to rethink what

Seeking proposals for art-climate-science collaborations

Due April 1, 2021 Submission Webform/Details below. Please use that for proposals. Broto: Art-Climate-Science is an emerging art-sci collaboration conference and community pointed at successful climate endgames. The transdisciplinary organization is asking for proposals for a single paid collaboration team. Each team must include at least one of each of the following — artist, scientist and

Wild Authors: Christiane Vadnais

By Mary Woodbury We’ll begin 2021 on a positive note with a look at the lyrical novel Fauna by Christiane Vadnais. Here, we travel to the Arctic Circle (as indicated by Ursus maritimus), but the novel’s setting is fictional and inspired by places more than it is specifically set anywhere on the map. In my reading, I felt

Opportunity: Call for submissions to the Glasgow Goes Green Festival e-zine

Connections: People, Nature and Power The Glasgow Goes Green Festival is brought to you by UofG, GSA, GCU and Strathclydeuniversities! We are all so excited to get started, and would love for you to get involved! Things are, of course, going to work a little differently this year – our usual physical gathering just won’t be possible. However, we are

Coexistence of Cultures and Species: An Interview with Lin May Saeed, Part II

By Biborka Beres This is the second part of a two-part interview with the Berlin-based visual artist, sculptor and animal liberation activist, Lin May Saeed. You can read Part I here. You depict and reference both imaginary and real environments in your pieces. There are typical Berlin scenes (for example a punk with a hound, or people

Twist’s Shift #2

Twist’s Shift is a new strand of semi-blog, less formal and structured than Ben’s Strategy Blogs, more a rag-bag of thoughts and experiences from the last wee while. It’s taken a little while to publish a second edition but, as for the previous edition, I hope there is something of interest for readers from both

Coexistence of Cultures and Species: An Interview with Lin May Saeed, Part I

By Biborka Beres As a senior at Bennington College and a multimedia performance artist, I have been exploring potential ways to engage with the climate crisis in the arts without succumbing to the danger of creating all too reductive and didactic pieces. One September afternoon, while doing some research for my upcoming senior show –

Lindsay Linsky: On Parables and Creation Care

By Peterson Toscano In the Art House this month, you will meet Lindsay Linsky. A Bible-believing Christian in Georgia, she is the author of the book, Keep It Good: Understanding Creation Care through Parables. With her book, she seeks to break through environmental apathy and partisan noise to show Christians God’s simple yet beautiful message of

DEAR2050: Oceans on the rise – Call for artists, activists, artivists

Inspire the conversation on the climate challenge with Climanosco Climanosco’s mission is to make climate science accessible to everyone. We support researchers and citizens around the world in paraphrasing climate research so that it is readily understandable to a broad audience, and we collaborate with artists and activists who create work that inspires and elevates the

Reviewer needed: Earth Writings

Robin Wall Kimmerer helps us to understand how humans can be important parts of living systems in our interactions with other living things (Braiding Sweetgrass). Gary Snyder discusses ‘reinhabitants’. Barry Lopez identifies three qualities that are for him critical in indigenous peoples’ ways of living. …three qualities – paying intimate attention; a storied relationship to

Opportunity: rad2021 traineeship applications

rad is a paid eight-month traineeship with a Scottish independent TV production company. rad is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who would love to work in television but hasn’t been able to find a way in or has faced a barrier to entry. Whether that barrier has been through race, disability or economic background, rad

Encounter-spaces and the City as Scenography: Interview with Aris Pretelin-Esteves (Mexico)

Aris Pretelin-Esteves is a Mexican vegan scenographer and scenic artist who cares deeply about animals, plants, insects, humans, objects and places. Her work is about understanding herself as an artist with social responsibility and as part of a community. She creates open scenographic actions that promote opportunities for humans and nature to connect with one another

Opportunity: Co-organise a Green Tease event with us

Since 2013 Green Tease has provided a platform for those interested in teasing out the links between the arts, climate change and environmental sustainability through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and practices.  We are currently looking for ideas for creative events connecting the arts and environmentalism to be run as part of the Green Tease events programme across April 2021-March 2022. These events would be micro-funded

Oil as Art Material

By Ariana Akbari CONFRONTING THE CLIMATE CRISIS IN ITS OWN VERNACULAR Materiality is one of the key components of a work of visual art. It changes the way that we interact with a piece, adds dimension to what the artist is trying to say and how, and can even have a voice of its own.

ecoartspace – tree talk: artists speak for trees

Thursday, February 2510am PT, 11am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET EUROPE: Scotland/Ireland/England: 18:00GMT, Belgium/Germany/Spain: 19:00UTC Freyja Bardell, Kristin Jones, Jill Lear, Chris Manfield For our February Tree Talk, four ecoartspace artists present their diverse ideas and artworks about trees and forests. Freyja Bardell will discuss three projects that focus on trees, forging connections to a specific tree or

An Interview with Doug Parsons

By Amy Brady Happy New Year! So much has already happened this year, and it’s only February 1. After an insurrection at the national capitol, there’s a pending POTUS impeachment trial. Meanwhile, the pandemic rages on and vaccine roll-out has been, well, less than ideal. With so much to rally and advocate for, climate change

Opportunity – Artist outreach: sustainable art exhibition

We are looking for sustainable, eco-conscious artists for our online exhibition. We are a brand new, eco-conscious art gallery, committed to harnessing the influential power of art as a tool to create positive change. We are currently looking for artists to take part in our first-ever online exhibition in support of Plastic Oceans UK, selling

ecoartspace – art and agriculture

Thursday, February 11 USA: 10am PT, 11am MT, 12pm CT, 1pm ET EUROPE: Scotland/Ireland/England: 18:00GMT, Belgium/Germany/Spain: 19:00UTC Brandi and Carlton Turner, Chrissie Orr, Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki In this Zoom Dialogue we will hear from special guest speakers Brandi and Carlton Turner who are co-founders of a placed based regenerative agricultural resource in Utica, Mississippi. We will

Resourceful ingenuity: Interview with performance designer Imogen Ross (Australia)

Imogen Ross has developed a variety of creative responses to live performance, production and event needs for over 33 years. She collaborates with an array of artists and organisations, teasing out the creative pulse within each project and making it manifest. Imogen is the co-author of ‘Performance Design in Australia’ (2001) and runs the APDGreen