Writers on Arts, Anthropology & Climate Change

ATAEC, Glocal Associative Network of Artists & Ecosocial Action, opens its doors to a space for reflexion and highlighting of topics related to Arts, Cultures, Resilience towards Climate Change and new communitarian models. 

We are creating a resilient community of artists on an international scale for common support, artistic encounters and a circular- autonomous economy model within the arts, cultural diversity, preservation and ecosocial actions.

The writings will be published at a time of one week, and as an exchange, the writers can access to a solidarity account on http://www.ataec.com

* all languages accepted.

What is ATAEC?

ATAEC it’s an Artists Network for Cultural Preservation & EcoSocial Action. BASED ON COLLECTIVE FUNDS. A worldwide data base of independent and collective artists, cultural organizations, galleries, art spaces, ancestral communities, or any kind of organization/ body that holds on ARTISTIC KNOWLEDGE & ACTIONS. 


Artistic Synergies- Give & Receive Classes 

Collective Funds & Collaboration in Art & Ecosocial Action

Cultural Preservation


Giving ethnic, collective and autonomous support to art, circular economy models and diversity. 

How does it work?!

Very simple, according to your interests you can create your account/ profile, after three months of being part of the platform a 30€/1 year membership is asked to be payed in order to continue being part of the community.

The funds are collectivized at the Ecosocial Action Network.

You can apply for funds, filling up the form, you do not need any ¨special situation¨ in order to apply for funds, the projects must be related to: art, cultural preservation, climate change needs, food & water access.

Your projects can crowdfund thru the Collective Funds space.

Investors, donators, visionarys can choose to invest by project, type of action or territory.  


A free and open space to co-create and finance communitarian action related to art, society & nature. Projects of artistic, ecological and social benefit can have their own profile with the calendar of actions and needs in order to get financial support and collaboration from the association and other users.

  • Art 
  • Cultural Preservation 
  • Climate Change Needs 
  • Food & Water access 

For more info on ATAEC

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