Mustarinda Magazine vol. 7 Huoltaa / Maintain published

One day I dig the bowl out from the upper kitchen shelf, blow off most of the dust, and scratch the dry dough flakes to the bottom of the bowl. I measure 2 dl of lukewarm water, and add the same amount of flour and mix it together. I make a promise to it, that next morning I’ll knead it into dough. I wrap a yellow plastic bag around the bowl and I write a note: ‘careful, sourdough waking up’.

Mustarinda Magazine vol. 7 thinks about acts of maintaining in the house, the yard and the forest. We are interpreting maintaining in relation to long-term thinking, longer-term processes and commitments, and to actions that involve collective participation, care, and dialogue. The issue celebrates ten years of the Mustarinda association by stating: let’s keep going!

Contributors include: Elisa AaltolaMichaela CaskováPaavo JärvensivuHarrie Liveart, L.V. Maamirko nikolićMarta MartinováRiitta NykänenSanna Ritvanen and Hanna Kaisa Vainio. The volume is edited by Neal Cahoon and Miina Kaartinen. The design of the print edition is by Pauliina Leikas.

You can pre-order the magazine for postal delivery ahead of the launch by emailing us: info@mustarinda.fiWe will answer with payment info. Price 12€ + shipping costs. The magazine is bilingual (Finnish/English).

The magazine will be available to buy at selected bookstores, museums, and galleries and from the Mustarinda House. The list of places where the magazine will be available will be updated on the Mustarinda website and social media platforms.

Old-growth forests, as precious rarities in european contexts, maintain themselves over time through their diversity – each staggered process of growth and decay has an inherent value, as they contribute to an entangled performance where many communities weave their lives together.

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