I AM WATER Billboard Exhibition – locations

I AM WATER billboard exhibition JULY 2021

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LOCATIONS – East Williamsburg and Bushwick in Brooklyn/ Queens

Note: red and purple pins are billboards

1. Across from Forrest Point restaurant at the corner of Forrest Street and Flushing Avenue in Bushwick is Joan Perlman (Top) andHelen Glazer (Bottom). L TRAIN (Morgan Ave)

2. At the corner of Flushing Avenue and Evergreen Avenue is Lisette Morales, an image of Betty Osceola during a prayer walk blessing the waters in a Cypress Dome in the Everglades (2021). L TRAIN (Morgan Ave)

3. On Grand Street near Catherine Street in East Willamsburg is Basia Irland (Top) Narmada River Walk, India and Catherine Whiteman (bottom) Symbiosis. On the reverse is Hillary Johnson (bottom) The Waters We Swim In. L TRAIN (Grand Street)

4. At the convergence of Metropolitan Avenue and Grand Street in East Williamsburg is Holly Fay, water drawing. L TRAIN (Grand Street)

5. On Metropolitan Avenue where it converges with Grand Street are Margaret LeJeune in collaboration Hanien Conradie, a film still titled Dart (facing west); and the opposite side is Ellen Kozak (facing east) a film still titled riverthatflowsbothways. L TRAIN (Grand Street)

6. Off Metropolitan Avenue on Woodward Ave, Queens is Ellen JantzenAmplitude. BUS Q54 Walkability: Board locations 1 and 2 are closeby each other; locations 3, 4 and 5 are closeby each other; and location 6 is on its own.

Bonus Board: Danielle Siegelbaum, Morgan Ave and Harrison Place, East Williamsburg, sponsored by Our Humanity Matters. Walkable from location 1. L TRAIN (Morgan Ave)

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Curated and Produced by: SaveArtSpace, ecoartspace, Our Humanity Matters

Up through July 18, 2021

For more information on the artists and their work go HERE


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