The Green Sessions – Prepare for Action! September 21 & 22

Canada’s performing arts community is invited to a FREE online gathering of some of Canada’s most knowledgeable and inspiring climate leaders, activists and educators. We believe that artists have an essential part to play in the climate battle. We know that our role as storytellers and communicators can be instrumental in delivering a societal shift.

Following on from the wonderful energy generated at June’s Green Sessions: Day of Learning, we are delighted to bring you the training sessions. We have been overwhelmed by the extraordinary speakers who have stepped forward to take part. This Training phase of the Green Sessions will be split over two afternoons, on September 21 and 22, 2021.

As pressure mounts towards a general election and COP 26, there has never been such an important moment to recognize that Art is Activism! Or at least it can be, if we choose to make it so.

Join us to be inspired by the thinkers who are mapping out a more climate conscious world, and then be ready to get to work as we understand, together, how to hone our policy demands, shape our message, build our collective strength and deliver extraordinary, uplifting, future-shaping art in both the public and virtual space.

Speakers joining for The Green Sessions include Kate Raworth and Yannick Beaudoin on September 21 and Naomi Klein on September 22. More exciting speakers to come!

The climate emergency is clearly a cultural challenge.  It’s about who we are and how we live. Never have we needed more the persuasive vision of artists to inspire us towards a greener, greater world. So join us at The Green Sessions as we shoulder our responsibilities, and get creative about how we might change the world.

We’ve planted the seeds and we hope you can join us for an inspiring day where we work the soil of this movement. And join us for the Day of Action when we harvest our collective work.


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