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Many new things are percolating at ecoartspace since our benefit meeting. Simon Draper of Habitat for Artists fame will be installing one of his shed sculptures at the newly renovated ecoartspace office at 53 Mercer Street in January/Feb 09. Several events are in the planning stages now, such as an artist’s talk with eco art pioneers Helen and Newton Harrison to coincide with their January exhibition at Ronald Feldman Gallery just down the block. Also being planned is a special fundraising event with singer Dar Williams to benefit ecoartspace and Habitat for Artists. Upcoming curatorial projects will include a summer 09 exhibition at The Fields Sculpture Park/Art Omi, FieldWorkers will focus on artists’ projects that examine rural issues such as farming, growing and distributing food. Also Out of the Blue will open in February at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. This exhibition’s focus is on weather and its relationship to the creative process and was curated in 2006 by Joy Garnett, Joy Episalla and Amy Lipton for Abington Art Center. Tricia Watts departs next week for India to join the 48 Degrees Celsius Public Art Ecology conference in Delhi. Watts will also speak in February at the CAA annual conference in Los Angeles on land ethics in contemporary land art. Stay tuned for updates and further information on all of the above. Images: Above; Helen and Newton Harrison, Greenhouse Britain, Simon Draper, Habitat for Artists, Poet’s Walk, Rhinebeck, NY
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Recent and Upcoming Eco Art Shows

I’ve been busy as of late, getting ready for the recently passed open studios. I missed posting about the opening of one of these shows, but another one is coming up on the East Coast.

Anyway, here’s the info:

Out of the Blue, at Bergen Community College in NJ. Opening on Feb 17.

More at the show website.

EcoLogic LA, at Cypress College in Cypress, CA. Opened Jan 28 and runs through Feb 28.

More here.

Both of these shows were curated by the people behind Eco Art Space. I think it’s great that they are mounting shows on either side of the country, and also participating in the upcoming College Art Association conference in L.A.
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