TEDx Youth @Thames Event – 20 November – ZSL London Zoo

If the voices of young people alive today were heard in parliaments, councils,
courtrooms and corridors of power, what would we do differently? If future
generations not yet born could speak to us now, what would they say about the
world we hand down to them?

With speakers who have innovative ideas and creative solutions to the challenges intergenerational justice poses for topics such as climate change and sustainability, democracy, law, and economics, its certain to be a fascinating afternoon. For more information including how to book tickets, see HERE

The event is part of a global network of independently organised TED events.

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Iran: a different green revolution

Today is another knife-edge day for Iranians, a battle of will between the authorities and the reformistsn. Bloggers like Revolutionary Road report rumours of killings and mass detentions. Those who proudly talk of bringing democracy to Iraq should remember how the invasion fuelled conservatism in Iran, turning the country in …
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