oil on canvas

Turning Snow Into Oil Paintings

{Disappearing series, 2A, 2B, 2007, oil on canvas, 48×24 inches, by Diane Burko}

Clicking around the site for the upcoming show Out of the Blue, I found these works by Diane Burko. Some might question the need for more landscape painting, but these seemed to make sense to me. Sure, they could be photographs but in the post-everything art world, that argument is old hat. And something about translating this scene into oil creates a different relationship with the content. Plus the vertical diptych is killer.
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Hunting the American Experience

{Opening Day 1938, 2009, Mixed media, oil on canvas, by Donnie Molls}

Donnie Molls has a series of paintings based on hunting photos currently on display at Carl Berg in LA. I caught the opening of this and despite the overly crowded room, I found these quite captivating.

Culled from his family’s photo collection, they reflect his upbringing and say something about us, the animals we choose to hunt and the role images play in constructing our personal and collective history.

Here’s a bit from the gallery website:

By choosing not to contemporize the image and reinterpret them with current social and moral values he creates works that force the viewer to acknowledge a shared human history of man’s relationship to nature. 

{Fred’s Elk, 2009, Mixed media, oil on canvas, by Donnie Molls}

Also worth checking out if you head to Carl Berg are the time-lapse photos of John Mullin.

> More at carlberggallery.com
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