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Chico Mendes Legacy Lecture 13.01.09

On 13 January 2009 RSA Arts & Ecology teamed up with the Young Vic and People’s Palace Projects to present a lively encounter programmed to coincide with Amazonia, the theatre’s latest extraordinary production inspired by the life and legacy of world-famous environmental activist, Chico Mendes, who was assassinated because of his political views in December 1988.
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RSA Arts and Ecology interview with Alan Sonfist

If you’re looking for great writing about eco-art on the web, check out RSA Arts and Ecology’s online magazine. They recently published an interview with artist Alan Sonfist that is not only a great overview of the evolution of environmental art, it’s a fabulous breakdown of the blurring of cultural lines that comes with the work. Also, the last line of the interview contains one of the best quotes on the topic I’ve read.

Within the 21st century we have to redefine the role of the artist as an individual who is actively seeking solutions to improve our world.

– Alan Sonfist

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How Amazonia came to London this Christmas

Two years ago, RSA Arts and Ecology began supporting a multi-disciplinary collaboration with the Young Vic. Inspired by the work of the unionist and conservationist Chico Mendes, Amazônia began with a journey by the Young Vic’s artistic director to Brazil. It reaches a celebratory climax this winter with a magnificent children’s show at the Young Vic by Colin Teevan and Paul Heritage. Amazonia’s producer, Debra Hauer talks us through the extraordinary history of the project.