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Natural Balance

For the past few months I’ve been working with our friends Lluis and Yolanda from Hibrids, on an exhibition called Natural Balance : Art & Ecology (TEMPORARY OUTDOOR SITE-SPECIFIC INSTALLATIONS IN GIRONA, BARCELONA, SPAIN. May 9-17, 2009). It’s part of a big flower festival and includes soem great work by Harmen de Hoop (Holland), Samantha Clark (United Kingdom), Lucrecia Troncoso & Karrie Hovey (Argentina and United States), Terry Berlier (United States), Jeanette Ramírez (Venezuela) and Isidro López Aparicio (Spain). Yeah, this is a plug for the event (which I unfortunately can’t be there for) and I really hope people can get to see it while it’s up! The big challenge for these international ephemeral art events is how to reshape them so they have a powerful positive impact and not just consume resources and jet fuel. (Check out Samantha Clark’s great project as a fun solution to this.) I’d love to see more innovative re-purposing of these traditional art events. How can we better use this infrastructure to make something really different and useful happen? More of a Natural Cultural (Re)Balance…

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Natural Balance installations in Spain

{Grow Your Own Vegetables by Harmen de Hoop.}

A show with six temporary installations opens this week in Girona, Spain. Coinciding with the annual Temps de Flors Flower Festival, the pieces all deal with natural balance. In addition, there’s a nice website where all of us online can get a good feel for the show.

Here’s a blurb from the show:

The concept of Natural Balance is central to any sustainable system. Creation and destruction are inseparable forces that often function simultaneously. Humans play an increasingly influential role in affecting ecological systems on a local and global scale. Artists, in particular, have an important role to play in transforming human perception and mediating our understanding of the urban landscape. 

Curated by Lluís Sabadell Artiga, Yolanda de Zuloaga and Sam Bower.

Projects by:

Harmen de Hoop,
Lucrecia Troncoso and Karrie Hovey,
Samantha Clark,
Terry Berlier,
Jeanette Ramirez,
Isidro López-Aparicio

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